You probably have noticed that I have been purging my house of unwanted stuff. Every day I am looking at my place I have been doing this for a little over two weeks now and feeling good about it. There is still quite a bit of stuff to go through in the house. I feel an overwhelming sense of freedom and happiness. No longer feel suffocated by being surrounded by piles of stuff that have no value to me.  Yesterday I pulled out a Raspberry Pi kit and started a project to build a Cloud Printer. Something I wanted to build last year but was frustrated to locate all the parts in the piles of stuff I had. Since I cleared out the storage area, I have no issues to find the stuff that maters. There are so many little projects I want to do and now have the space and accessibility.  The purging of stuff is not over by a long shot. I still have the kitchen, living room and my garage.  The garage will be last, I really want  the living areas done first. But everyday I set time o remove things, the better I feel.

Written by Sinclair

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