I always wanted to travel by train along the Western United States Coast on the Coast Starlight. But the cost was too high a few years ago. Yesterday I checked again and was astonished how much lower it is now. This kicked off my imagination. I can travel from Seattle to San Diego for as little as 130 dollars. It’s a 35 hour trip but the views will be spectacular. But before traveling long distance by train, I will take a short trip to Portland, Oregon to get a better understanding on how to effectively travel by train. This will help me to figure what seat will be the best for me and what type of accommodations I will need for such a long trip. Can’t wait to experience this form of travel around the U.S.

Another train trip I would love to take is to go from Seattle to Chicago on the Empire Builder. I have not done much research on the cost or time it will take, but once again the views will be incredible.

Written by Sinclair

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