Today I am going to work on my new life plan. It will be focused on Health and enjoying my life to the fullest. My first goal is to eat more healthy foods and exercise daily. Nothing crazy, just substitute salty, processed sugar, unhealthy snacks with fruit and vegetables. I will still eat unhealthy foods, but just at a dramatically reduced amount then I am consuming today. I am changing my diet not for weight concerns (I am at my ideal weight), but to feel healthy. The more  vegetables and fruits I eat the more energy I have throughout the day. My mind become less clouded and more focused. It is just more convenient to open a box full of over processed snacks then to wash and cut up some veggies.

For exercise I am going to start off walking 5 miles or 10,000 steps a day and do some other activities such as pushups, pullups and sit-ups. I will set up a daily goal for the month and post my progress on the site.

For mental health, I will work on writing in my journal every day and get out of the house more often.  Even work on a podcast that I have always wanted to do. I just need to stay focused on my goals and stick with a schedule.

Of course I will be updating the site with my daily goals and achievements. This should keep me motivated and honest with myself.

Written by Sinclair

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