Today starts a new journey. Not a very prepared one, but still a start. Since there was no Vegetables or Fruit at the house my eating healthy goal for today was a no go. Tomorrow I will go shopping  to obtain some healthy snacks. For my exercise goal, I went outside for a short jog and managed to do some basic  exercises. It will become more meaningful once I set my daily goals. Due to my lower back injury I will not be doing any sit-ups. The Pull-up bar was not set up and was not performed today. I will need to set it up tomorrow.


In short, I am out of shape but I did complete most of my goals



Today’s Goal:

Go Outside and take a quick jog – Completed

Get a baseline on what my ability to do my exercises. – Completed

Write and post my first daily journal – Completed



Water: 3 liters (goal 3 liters)



Steps: 10,595 (goal 10k)

Push-ups: 18

Pull-ups: 0

Sit-ups: 0

Written by Sinclair

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