My main goal for today was to work on the house to put up Christmas Decorations and clean out the house and garage. This prevented me to come up with an exercise plan. My lower back is getting much stronger since I have been walking for 60 minutes straight. My goal realistic goal for the week days will be 15 minutes, so I am going to set my Active goal to  it. Tomorrow I am going to walk 10 minutes every hour while I am working. This should allow me to make my Step goals and strengthening my lower back. Most of the day I am sitting so this will help me quite a bit.


Today’s Goal:

Eat healthy snacks – Complete

Drink water and unsweetened beverages – Complete



Water: 51 oz (Goal – 90 oz)


Steps: 11,646 (Goal – 10k)

Active Minutes Walking: 63 minutes (Goal – 15 min)

Push-ups: 18 (Goal – 19)

Pull-ups: xx (Goal – xx)

Sit-ups: xx (Goal – xx)

Written by Sinclair

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