Enjoyed today’s cold weather by staying inside and enjoying a smoothie while I was working. I have been taking 8 minute breaks every hour to get out of my chair and walked on my cheap plastic stair master. It does the job but probably will last another year before it breaks. Received it as a present from my mother. At first I thought it was garbage, but then I started to use it and found out it worked pretty well. Now I use it on a daily basis.

In the evening I went out and meet some friends and drank some really good hot coco. Had a productive and social day.


Today’s Goal:

Keep warm, its 30 degree! – Accomplished



Water: 90 oz (Goal – 90 oz)



Steps: 13,917 (Goal – 10k)

Active Minutes Walking: 76 minutes (Goal – 15 min)

Push-ups: xx (Goal – xx)

Pull-ups: xx (Goal – xx)

Sit-ups: xx (Goal – xx)

Written by Sinclair

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