Today I am taking on an area that contains the largest concentration of clutter I have. My Home Office. It’s hard to believe but this is the smallest room in the house. With a vast 203 square feet of space it with another 203 square feet of storage space in a hidden area. This will be one of the hardest area for me to work on. There are allot of small items and sentimental things I need to sort through. The picture above shows about a 1/4 of the stuff I have that I pulled out from the hidden storage area. My goal is to complete about 1/4 a day with a completion goal set for the end of this week. This will put my work flow to the test. I am not expecting the work flow to be perfect, it will most likely need some tweaking. But I have a plan to work with and it just needs to be executed. There is mixture of excitement and anxiety at the moment. It’s hard to believe that I am so emotionally attached to inanimate objects.

Work Flow

Simply the work flow goes though 3 stages: Sort, Compile and Distribute.

  • Sort – Separate my stuff into four bins.
    • Trash – Useless and Broken that can not be Recycled
    • Recycle – Useless and Broken that can be Recycled
    • Thrift Store – Useable and in working condition
    • Friends – Usable and in Working Condition that my friends would want


    • Compile – move full bins into large bags for short term storage in the garage. The only exception is Trash and Recycling, they both go into the curb for pickup.


  • Distribution – Once I have accumulated enough to fill my car with I drop them off at there final destination. This will typically be once a week to save fuel and time.

Written by Sinclair

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