Once again summer has arrive. Sweet delicious summer, where have you been. That means only one thing to me. Road Trips! I do more road trips in the summer than any other season. It’s a time to get out and explore your surroundings. To rejuvenate your inner explorer and discover new sites and sounds. For this summer I am planning to explore the Northern part of Washington. This is really the only place I haven’t truly explored in the state. My plan is to drive the Cascade Loop which runs through the northern area. This is one of the America’s grandest and most spectacular drives, so says National Geographic. This is definitely the way to go to explore the area, I will just need to do some research and write down some points of interests. To reduce the cost I am definitely going to camp on the way and cook most of my meals. This should be an amazing trip. I will see how feasible to do some short posts during trip. More to come in another post.


This summer will not be only the Cascade Loop, it will be exploring old forts and hiking to new places. I will definitely need to come up with a locations of interest list and plan accordingly. One of my goals is to try bike camping on Iron horse trail. Starting off at the high end and work my way down towards Seattle.


Time to get researching!

Written by Sinclair

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