Time for my quarterly get rid of stuff that has accumulated during the last season. It is amazing how much stuff sneaks in to your house and garage. This time I will purge all unwanted and unnecessary items which I have not used for three months. The only exceptions will be:

  • Seasonal items that I actually use
  • Tools that is not a duplicate
  • Emergency Items

Seasonal Items that I actually use will be packed away and stored in the attic. Tools will need to be organized into my new tool box. Any duplicates will be removed and be given away. All Emergency Items (in case of natural disasters) will be placed together. This will make it easier for me to take inventory and access them when needed.

This will take 24 hours to complete and will need to be spread out over a week. The biggest location will be the garage. I have so much stuff in there that it is unmanageable and hard to find thing that matter. I will commit a full day on the cleanup. The local nonprofit thrift store I going to love me this week.

Written by Sinclair

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