Removal and reorganizing items in the garage took me almost the entire day. At first I was going to do a deep cleaning of the garage. But after six hours, I noticed the day was almost over and I was running out of time.  So I proceed to remove just the larger items. By doing so would give me the largest impact to the space. By switching to this strategy I was able to make room for an area to process the smaller items with out pulling everything out of the garage again. Yesterdays removal yielded a full truckload of unwanted stuff.

After I drop off the truckload of items to the local non profit thrift store, I will continue by removing the Smaller more time consuming items. My goal for this week is to clear out 3 rolling units by Sunday. This should allow me to hang my bikes and and chairs up so I can have more floor space. This will be my staging area for other de-cluttering projects. I have three more areas that require de-cluttering around my house. They all reside in bins and can be easily carried to the garage for processing.

The picture on the bottom show the aftermath of the first sweep of de-cluttering.


Written by Sinclair

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