Today I am getting ready for a short trip to San Diego. Planning what to bring has changed since a few years ago. Once I use to bring laptop, power supplies, chargers, cables, phone, mp3 player, mouse, camera, extra batteries and power strip.

My electronics have decreased dramatically in size and weight. With the advent of large smart phones, I no longer need to bring my laptop for small quick trips. Just my phone and some accessories. Right now I am on the plane typing this post on my Samsung Note 4 phone with a Microsoft Folding Bluetooth Keyboard. The keyboard is small, compact and light. The feel of the keys are nice for it compact size. When I am at the hotel with more room I use a Logitech Bluetooth mouse. It makes it fast and easy to work on documents. The touch screen is precise enough with my finger or stylist to accurately place the cursor for editing but it is more time consuming for me. I find it just easier and faster to use a mouse. If I need a larger screen I just plug in a small HDMI adapter to the phone and connect it to the rooms HDTV. This is ideal for playing the vast media that is stored on the phone or simply use it as a large work space.

What’s in my Electrics Bag



The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is my daily driver. It’s my planner, portable media player and notebook all in one. Thanks to is SD Card slot I have a ton of music and videos to keep me occupied on my trips when I am trapped in the hotel room or plane. With it’s large screen is make a nice word processor or edit pictures on the go. The battery life is about 18 hours with regular use and about 6 hours playing videos. If you put the display in black and white batter saver mode you can double it battery life. On hiking trips it will last up to three days for me if I leave it on airplane mode. Favorite phone I ever had. If you see me using this with the stylist out, you know I am doing work on producing content. It is very accurate and makes quick work on copy, pasting and editing in general. I love the design and removable backing. It gives me access to the battery, which I can exchange for a new one when the time comes to replace the battery. The processor is plenty fast for all my work. With accompanied with a Fast Charging unit, it is very quick to charge. Perfect if you want to charge other devices with one charger. Once the phone is charged up just unplug is and charge your next device. No need to have have to wait hours to charge the device.




Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard is a great addition to phones and tables. It’s small form factor and great batter life (3 months with out charging) is perfect for traveling. The key travel is great for such a thin device. Simply, I love this thing. It has a rechargeable battery that charges via Micros USB. So I don’t have to carry an extra charger. I just can use my phone charger if the batter dies. It works with all the major mobile OSs (Android, iOS, Windows Phone). It a great keyboard all around.




Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 is a really nice mouse of its size. It’s rugged, works on any surface and is precise. It also has a built in batter charger that charges via Micro USB (just like the keyboard, I purposefully buy rechargeable devices with Micro USB as there charging port this includes my point and shoot camera). This will never replace my large mouse I use at home. But for travel, it’s perfect for my uses. Only negative is that you can not charge and use the mouse the same time. Not a big issue for me but I can see it may for some.




Miscellaneous Items

DSC02818-1 DSC02820-1 DSC02824-1 DSC02839-1

From left to right:

Quick Charge USB Adapter

5 foot USB cable

Ear buds with built in microphone

HDMI Adapter for phone.

Written by Sinclair

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