Lately I am having an issue on what topics to write about. Nothing right now pops out and screams at me to write about it. What I need to do is just to pick up my note book and start jotting down topics and then see what sticks. I really want to focus my attention on building a podcast site and start producing some podcasts. Once again, what topic would I pick and how long will I want to do it for. I have the tools and technical knowledge to put this together, just need to get the topic and start writing. After I get 5 episodes completed, I can publish them. My original thought was One for the Road, but I would only have enough content to be a monthly podcast. I would like to have a weekly podcast or even a bi weekly would be a good start. Allot to figure out and I will need to spend some time just to brain storm. Sounds like I need to go camping by myself in a remote location and figure it out. Just me, a camp fire and my trusty notebook to write in.

Written by Sinclair

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