Today was a big day at work for me. I had about two and a half days’ worth of work that needed to be completed today. My typically day is an infusion of music or videos playing in the background and working on tasks. Queuing up my media periodically throughout the day takes some time. So today I foregone this distraction and just worked without any form of entertainment playing in the background. It was a pleasant experience. Being the first one in the office, I enjoyed the pure silence of the early morning. Gradually you can hear people tricky in and rushing to get to their first cup of coffee from the kitchen. After an hour or two, the floor start to slowly fill with conversations. I do have to admit that it was a pleasant background ambiance.

Fully focused at the tasks that needed be completed, the list started to get shorter and shorter at an increasing speed. Forward five hour, I completed all the tasks! This gave me time to compile and complete any new tasks that rolled in today. Right now I am completely caught up and ready for the next day.

Today taught me that I really need to take a break from all forms of media. Just to be comfortable with my environment and appreciate it for what it is. Tomorrow will be a “No Media Day”. Let’s see how much I can get accomplished.

Written by Sinclair

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