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During the winter break I took a few day trips to the mountains to enjoy the snow. Getting my winter gear was time consuming because I had so much accumulated stuff from the past few months. My office was in shambles with piles of stuff all over the place, my storage area was on pill of unorganized things.  A few days prior to my return to work I committed a day to clean out my office completely getting rid of or placing items back were they should be. The office is now organized and all the unwanted stuff is gone. Well except for the box full of paper that I will need to go through and disposes. My small storage room was my next area to organize. Instead of taking it all in one day, I broke it up into three days. First day would be to gather together all my tools and put it into a storage bin and move it to the garage for organization and storage. I will work on this later when I tackle the garage next week. After collecting all the tools I started organizing the stuff into four piles.

  • Camping /Hiking Gear
  • Luggage
  • Electrics (parts, headphones, cables, ect.)
  • No longer needed (a quick pass, any questionable items will be placed in there associated pile for further review)


After completing the piles of stuff I put them back into the room in three areas and boxed the items no longer needed and moved them to the car which I promptly dropped off at the local thrift store. At this stage the room is much more manageable. Now I can go through the piles and get rid of any items no longer needed in the next few days. I need all the luggage so I have simply stored them where they should.

I scheduled the next two days to go through the piles. First day I will work on Electronics and the second day will be Camping / Hiking Gear. Both piles will take some time so I opted to have two separate days for them. Today is Electronics day, so I am under way on getting rid of items I no longer use or need. My background is Electrics and love creating things. One outcome is you tend to collect allot of components and cables. Most are outdated and no longer relevant. But for some reason I have the a stance that some day I will need it. Ninety nine percent of the time I will never use it again. But for some reason I still want to keep it. It’s a habit I have been breaking for the past two years. I keep purging unwanted stuff but it keeps coming back. It is much more manageable then previous years. I use to have a two racks full of stuff. I am now down to one bin and two drawers for my might need it later items.  And a small rollaway cart with items for projects I am currently working on. I am going to see if I can get rid of seventy five percent of the items today and have all the items in the drawers. will see.


Tomorrow will be more time consuming then todays. I have so much Hiking gear that is small specialty items. I just need to get rid of stuff that is no longer use. Most of the specialty items are stuff I got as gifts and never used it. I simply need to just box them up and drop it of at the thrift store. I have already purged all my backpacks I no longer used in the summer of last year and save a considerable amount of space. Now I need to complete the process and get rid of the rest of the stuff.

Once this is all done I should have quicker access to the stuff I use, which intern will give me more time to enjoy what I like to do. Spending an hour or two to get ready to hike is time taken away from the actual act. I am excited to get this all done this week. Next week I will start on the garage. Need to organize and get ride of stuff. Not much mostly organizing and putting away.

Written by Sinclair

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