Cleaning out the Hiking/Camping gear was time consuming and laborious. This morning I got up and felt miserable. My cold is at it’s peak  and I didn’t want to work on anything today. I got up, had some breakfast and went to work. Things were going pretty quickly until I hit all the small things. Wow I didn’t know I had so much tiny little gadgets. This took me about 2 hours to separate and go through. There were duplicates of items and simply things I just no longer needed. I compiled a bin full of blankets that I didn’t even know about. At the end I removed two bins worth of stuff, leaving one bin for winter hiking, another for 3 season hiking and one for emergency preparedness (i.e. natural disasters). I consider this a success today. The last thing there is to do is go through the boxes of paperwork and documents. Most are old and can be destroyed, but I will leave this for another day. Perhaps next week.

Written by Sinclair

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