I am going to spend a few day writing up some reviews for hiking gear. During the winter break I purchased and tested some new stoves, a micro lantern and a metal water bottle. The tests were taken at temperatures around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Far below my typical hikes and camping trips. I want to… Read more »

Update to my progress

Just wanted to update the site on my progress of everything. Health wise my leg is healing well. Still get painful shocks when I walk for long periods or pick something up incorrectly.  But overall much better than before. Can’t wait to go get back on the trails and go hiking. On the podcast front… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Ending

Soon after my last post I slipped and injured my lower back. During recovery I put allot of pressure on my left leg to compensate for my weakened back and fatigued my calf and they muscle. Right now I am recovering and need to take it easy for a few weeks. Once I get back… Read more »

Daily Health Journal December 8th -13th, 2016

Journal Due to my back going out on Friday morning, I have been behind on my journal and exercise goals. On Monday I was feeling better and need to push my lower back so it can heal faster. I will be refraining from sit-ups till my back spasms go away.  Getting up out of the… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Journal Enjoyed today’s cold weather by staying inside and enjoying a smoothie while I was working. I have been taking 8 minute breaks every hour to get out of my chair and walked on my cheap plastic stair master. It does the job but probably will last another year before it breaks. Received it as… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Journal It is a brisk 36 degrees today here in Seattle. I have already meet my 10,000 step goal before I went to Costco to get supplies and some Christmas gift shopping. This is why my high step count for today is higher than usual. I am drinking plenty of water and enjoying morning green… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Monday, December 5th, 2016

Journal I declare that today to be a Snow Day. Work from home and enjoyed the snow fall with a few cups of hot coco. All I am going to do today is walk for 10 minutes every hour for 9 hours and drink plenty of water.  That is all I am going to do… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Sunday, December 4th, 2016

Journal My main goal for today was to work on the house to put up Christmas Decorations and clean out the house and garage. This prevented me to come up with an exercise plan. My lower back is getting much stronger since I have been walking for 60 minutes straight. My goal realistic goal for… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

Journal Spent most of today working around the house. I noticed I didn’t get very much steps in so I jumped on the step master and completed the rest of the steps indoors in 63 minutes. Felt good focusing an hour to nothing but walking. It cleared my mind and I felt relaxed. Going to… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Journal I am thinking of taking a light day on Tuesdays and Fridays. These days are incredibly busy for me. My exercise goals are being held up  by a recovering lower back injury. Walking for long periods of time help me build back the injured muscles . I am going to try to do a… Read more »

  • Getting back to my hobbies

    You probably have noticed that I have been purging my house of unwanted stuff. Every day I am looking at my place I have been doing this for a little over two weeks now and feeling good about it. There is still quite a bit of stuff to go through in the house. I feel… Read more »

  • Last Night Stand

    When heading to bed tonight I noticed how cluttered my night stand was. The night stand is only twelve inches by fourteen inches. On it there was a small radio receiver that is  attached to a Sonos audio receiver, a small lantern and a square tissue box. The small drawer underneath it contained some odd… Read more »

  • Notifications on Smart Phones

    I despise receiving notifications on my phone. Notification should be called “Disruption”. The only important notification I except are a phone calls, text messages and emails that are flagged important. All others notifications can wait. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have no business interrupting my day. These updates can wait until I choose to view them,… Read more »

  • Paper Work Update

    I have finally went through all my documents! It only took me three days but I got through it. There was much more documents and folders then I first thought. The filing drawer was full of more documents that needed to be processed and found three more boxes full of paper. At the end I… Read more »

  • Paper Work

    Today I located all my documents and statement and piled them up in the corner of my home office. I must have about 3 bins full of paper and dreading to go through them. To make it easy I will be using a paper shredding service to securely get rid of the unwanted documents. This… Read more »

  • Relaxing in Silence

    Tonight after work I went to the living room and sat on the couch like I always do. My normal routine is to pickup the remote control, turn on the T.V. and flip it to some channel so I can have it playing in the background. I typically would glance at the screen every once… Read more »

  • Productivity Tip – Turn off all distractions

    Today was a big day at work for me. I had about two and a half days’ worth of work that needed to be completed today. My typically day is an infusion of music or videos playing in the background and working on tasks. Queuing up my media periodically throughout the day takes some time…. Read more »

  • GWSP–All the little things

    For this week I am going to try to remove a bin full of stuff from my home a day. This morning I started it off by going through all my old crafting and printing paper. With in 8 minutes I had a large bin full of old faded paper. The only paper I kept… Read more »

  • GWSP–Day Two Progress

    Cleaning out the Hiking/Camping gear was time consuming and laborious. This morning I got up and felt miserable. My cold is at it’s peak  and I didn’t want to work on anything today. I got up, had some breakfast and went to work. Things were going pretty quickly until I hit all the small things…. Read more »

  • GWSP – Day One Progress

    Today I have managed to get ride of almost all my electronics and cables. The items that I am keeping fit into two small drawers. My radio equipment is stored in a small roll-away carrier and my camera gear in a small bag. I am super excited having easy access my items I actually use…. Read more »

  • The Great Winter Solaces Purge

    During the winter break I took a few day trips to the mountains to enjoy the snow. Getting my winter gear was time consuming because I had so much accumulated stuff from the past few months. My office was in shambles with piles of stuff all over the place, my storage area was on pill… Read more »

  • Ramblings of time Organization

    For the past two months I have been lost for time. Things I want to get accomplished but have the lack of time to do so. The premise you can always make time, is a misnomer. Your time is finite. It does not take in  consideration of the persons daily obligations. This can range from… Read more »

  • Morakvin Companion HeavyDuty MG High Carbon Steel

    So I finally purchased a legendary Mora Knife the other night. The reason I chose the Morakvin Companion HeavyDuty MG High Carbon Steel from the other types that Morakvin produces was the price, availability, and the high reviewers rating.  My first impression of the knife not very spectacular. For me the knife reminds me of… Read more »

  • Traveling with Electronics

    Today I am getting ready for a short trip to San Diego. Planning what to bring has changed since a few years ago. Once I use to bring laptop, power supplies, chargers, cables, phone, mp3 player, mouse, camera, extra batteries and power strip. My electronics have decreased dramatically in size and weight. With the advent… Read more »

  • Brain Storming

    Lately I am having an issue on what topics to write about. Nothing right now pops out and screams at me to write about it. What I need to do is just to pick up my note book and start jotting down topics and then see what sticks. I really want to focus my attention… Read more »

  • Cleaning like No One is watching

    Self claps for me. Camping gear has been put away and mail has been separated and waiting to be processed. Desk is almost cleared, just need to find a place for me to keep my small stack of research books. On the electric front, all the changes have been made. Everything has been installed and… Read more »

  • Getting Things Back Together

    For the past month I have fallen back to my old ways. Watching too much TV and YouTube instead of working on thing that matter. My office is a mess with stacks of mail and camping equipment from last weeks camping trip. I have lost focus with my busy life. I am dedicating this week… Read more »

  • Hike to Camp Muir

    This passed weekend me and a friend of mine attempted to hike up to Camp Muir on Mount Rainier. It was the hardest hike I have ever attempted. The incline is great and altitude is incredibly high at 10,080 feet. This is not for the inexperience hiker, the terrain changes dramatically the higher you go…. Read more »

  • Where am I ???

    Just wanted to write a quick update to the goings on of my website. For the past month I have been traveling around Washington State and even a short stint in California. It has been a tiring but adventurous month for me. So many thing to write about and pictures to boot. I have started… Read more »

  • Tools – Blue Hawk Leather Gloves

    These are the generic leather palm work gloves that are mass produced in China and go by many brands. They fit well and comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. Quality is good and is holding up to average bush crafting use. The nylon strap works, but I am worried that it will… Read more »