I am going to spend a few day writing up some reviews for hiking gear. During the winter break I purchased and tested some new stoves, a micro lantern and a metal water bottle. The tests were taken at temperatures around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Far below my typical hikes and camping trips. I want to… Read more »

Update to my progress

Just wanted to update the site on my progress of everything. Health wise my leg is healing well. Still get painful shocks when I walk for long periods or pick something up incorrectly.  But overall much better than before. Can’t wait to go get back on the trails and go hiking. On the podcast front… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Ending

Soon after my last post I slipped and injured my lower back. During recovery I put allot of pressure on my left leg to compensate for my weakened back and fatigued my calf and they muscle. Right now I am recovering and need to take it easy for a few weeks. Once I get back… Read more »

Daily Health Journal December 8th -13th, 2016

Journal Due to my back going out on Friday morning, I have been behind on my journal and exercise goals. On Monday I was feeling better and need to push my lower back so it can heal faster. I will be refraining from sit-ups till my back spasms go away.  Getting up out of the… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Journal Enjoyed today’s cold weather by staying inside and enjoying a smoothie while I was working. I have been taking 8 minute breaks every hour to get out of my chair and walked on my cheap plastic stair master. It does the job but probably will last another year before it breaks. Received it as… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Journal It is a brisk 36 degrees today here in Seattle. I have already meet my 10,000 step goal before I went to Costco to get supplies and some Christmas gift shopping. This is why my high step count for today is higher than usual. I am drinking plenty of water and enjoying morning green… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Monday, December 5th, 2016

Journal I declare that today to be a Snow Day. Work from home and enjoyed the snow fall with a few cups of hot coco. All I am going to do today is walk for 10 minutes every hour for 9 hours and drink plenty of water.  That is all I am going to do… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Sunday, December 4th, 2016

Journal My main goal for today was to work on the house to put up Christmas Decorations and clean out the house and garage. This prevented me to come up with an exercise plan. My lower back is getting much stronger since I have been walking for 60 minutes straight. My goal realistic goal for… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

Journal Spent most of today working around the house. I noticed I didn’t get very much steps in so I jumped on the step master and completed the rest of the steps indoors in 63 minutes. Felt good focusing an hour to nothing but walking. It cleared my mind and I felt relaxed. Going to… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Journal I am thinking of taking a light day on Tuesdays and Fridays. These days are incredibly busy for me. My exercise goals are being held up  by a recovering lower back injury. Walking for long periods of time help me build back the injured muscles . I am going to try to do a… Read more »

  • Tools – Propel DownRange AO

    The Gerber Propel DownRange AO is one of my favorite every day carry (E.D.C.) knife. There was a few reasons I chose this knife as an E.D.C. one of which was the simple fact that I can open and close the knife with one hand. Most of the time I am holding onto something with… Read more »

  • Tools – Light My Fire – Fire Steel

    This is my first and only fire steel  I have ever used. Which makes me a novice on such devices.  These devices go by other names such as ferrocerium rod or ferro rod. I purchased this after some research I have done. It does what it advertise, it create incredibly hot sparks to start a… Read more »

  • Tools – Bahco 396-LAP

    The Bahco 396 LAP Laplander Folding Saw is a best folding saw I have ever used. Typically I would use a wooden handled folding saw that I picked up from my local hardware store.  From the reviews I have read they indicated that is folding saw a good choice for bush crafters. So I purchased… Read more »

  • Enjoying the Summer

    For the past few weeks I have been slowly clearing out the house of unwanted stuff. My main focus right now it to simply enjoy the amazing summer we hare having here in the Great Pacific NorthWest. Spending most time outside, experiencing the new and old. While learning new skills to appreciate the outdoors. I… Read more »

  • Tools – Gerber Gator Axe II

    The Gerber Gator Combo Axe II is a light weight axe that I purchased specifically for backpack camping. The handle had a good grip even in wet conditions and is compact enough to fit inside my pack without poking out. It includes a small saw inside the handle as a bonus feature, but sadly it… Read more »

  • Tools – Gerber Strongarm

    The Gerber Strongarm is my general use hiking knife. It is light, strong and a comfortable non slip grip that works incredibly well in wet weather. I modified the blade angle from the factory to a 20 degree angle. This lends the knife to be better for fine wood working but requires more frequent sharpening…. Read more »

  • Progress in Fire Starting

    The next day after I successfully started my first true fire, I went outside to practice lighting fires. I noticed it was very hard to carve with my Gerber Strongarm knife with the factory edge. Typically the factory edge is fine for me but not this time. When making feather sticks I found it very… Read more »

  • Fire Starting

    Lighting a fire with just wood and a Ferrocerium rod is allot harder than it looks. I have never successfully light a fire utilizing these two materials without an accelerant. This will not only be a very useful skill, but it will surely amaze my friends and family with such a primal task.   Ingredients:… Read more »

  • Bush Crafting

    Since I moved to the Pacific Northwest I found a true love for hiking and camping. Constantly pushing myself to hike further and higher. Getting better gear on the way. I can navigate with a compass/map and carry everything I need to sustain myself incase of emergency.  But do not have any true camping skills,… Read more »

  • Camping and a Movie

    This Friday I am going on a quick overnight trip to Old Fort Warden in Washington State for camping and a movie. Yes this is not a typical camping to get away from modern day convenience and truly enjoying the outdoors. It is more like traveling on the cheap. Just need a place to stay… Read more »

  • Summer Cleaning * Update *

      Removal and reorganizing items in the garage took me almost the entire day. At first I was going to do a deep cleaning of the garage. But after six hours, I noticed the day was almost over and I was running out of time.  So I proceed to remove just the larger items. By… Read more »

  • Saint Edward State Park

    Last Saturday I wanted to get out of the house and just enjoy the day. What better way to spend a leisurely day by going to Saint Edward State Park here in Washington. The 316 acre park is located in Kenmore, Washington  and is part of Washington State Parks. This once Catholic seminary was built… Read more »

  • Summer Cleaning

    Time for my quarterly get rid of stuff that has accumulated during the last season. It is amazing how much stuff sneaks in to your house and garage. This time I will purge all unwanted and unnecessary items which I have not used for three months. The only exceptions will be: Seasonal items that I… Read more »

  • Summer Time Road Trips

    Once again summer has arrive. Sweet delicious summer, where have you been. That means only one thing to me. Road Trips! I do more road trips in the summer than any other season. It’s a time to get out and explore your surroundings. To rejuvenate your inner explorer and discover new sites and sounds. For… Read more »

  • A start of a New Year

    For the passed week I have been going through my stuff in the garage and storage area of my house. Anything I haven’t use for 6 months went away to a friend or thrift store. I noticed I had three bins of DVDs and music CDs. All of these have been ripped to my computer… Read more »

  • Packing For a Holiday Trip

    When traveling always take what you will need and not bring things that you might need. When running the gantlet of travel you need to be light and agile. Carrying too much stuff will slow you down and will create a not so pleasant experience for you. Ever wanted to get a drink or some… Read more »

  • Preparing for the Holiday Season

    The holiday season is coming up quick and it time to prepare for the gauntlet. For me it is a physical drain from traveling and participating in the many activities that the holidays provide. The first thing I do is have a good plan. It doesn’t have to be perfect but close. I plan the… Read more »

  • Back on Track

    The workstation is back up and running. So not to bore you with the details, I had to create a new profile to resolve the issue. This gave me the opportunity to clean up and organize everything on the computer. My computer has that new spring fresh feeling once again. No more clutter or duplicate… Read more »

  • One for the Road – Show

    I have been busy creating a short audio only show based on my experiences traveling. If you are long time reader, you will know that I have been working on this for a long time. It previously was titled “Life Experiences” but thought that was bland and boring. After a few hours brainstorming I have… Read more »

  • Fitness

      Fitness fit·ness ˈfitnəs/ noun noun: fitness the condition of being physically fit and healthy.   It’s time for me to get back in shape. Winter is coming and I love to snow shoe up and around Mt Rainier. Most of the time I lead the group. Which by the way is the toughest job…. Read more »