I am going to spend a few day writing up some reviews for hiking gear. During the winter break I purchased and tested some new stoves, a micro lantern and a metal water bottle. The tests were taken at temperatures around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Far below my typical hikes and camping trips. I want to… Read more »

Update to my progress

Just wanted to update the site on my progress of everything. Health wise my leg is healing well. Still get painful shocks when I walk for long periods or pick something up incorrectly.  But overall much better than before. Can’t wait to go get back on the trails and go hiking. On the podcast front… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Ending

Soon after my last post I slipped and injured my lower back. During recovery I put allot of pressure on my left leg to compensate for my weakened back and fatigued my calf and they muscle. Right now I am recovering and need to take it easy for a few weeks. Once I get back… Read more »

Daily Health Journal December 8th -13th, 2016

Journal Due to my back going out on Friday morning, I have been behind on my journal and exercise goals. On Monday I was feeling better and need to push my lower back so it can heal faster. I will be refraining from sit-ups till my back spasms go away.  Getting up out of the… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Journal Enjoyed today’s cold weather by staying inside and enjoying a smoothie while I was working. I have been taking 8 minute breaks every hour to get out of my chair and walked on my cheap plastic stair master. It does the job but probably will last another year before it breaks. Received it as… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Journal It is a brisk 36 degrees today here in Seattle. I have already meet my 10,000 step goal before I went to Costco to get supplies and some Christmas gift shopping. This is why my high step count for today is higher than usual. I am drinking plenty of water and enjoying morning green… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Monday, December 5th, 2016

Journal I declare that today to be a Snow Day. Work from home and enjoyed the snow fall with a few cups of hot coco. All I am going to do today is walk for 10 minutes every hour for 9 hours and drink plenty of water.  That is all I am going to do… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Sunday, December 4th, 2016

Journal My main goal for today was to work on the house to put up Christmas Decorations and clean out the house and garage. This prevented me to come up with an exercise plan. My lower back is getting much stronger since I have been walking for 60 minutes straight. My goal realistic goal for… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

Journal Spent most of today working around the house. I noticed I didn’t get very much steps in so I jumped on the step master and completed the rest of the steps indoors in 63 minutes. Felt good focusing an hour to nothing but walking. It cleared my mind and I felt relaxed. Going to… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Journal I am thinking of taking a light day on Tuesdays and Fridays. These days are incredibly busy for me. My exercise goals are being held up  by a recovering lower back injury. Walking for long periods of time help me build back the injured muscles . I am going to try to do a… Read more »

  • Photo Essay : Sunday Walkabout

    A crisp cool Autumn day to go for a walk on a beach. Yes the best beaches in the Pacific NorthWest require you to walk 1.2 miles down  through heavy wooded forest to get to shore. Enjoyed the walk down.

  • Autumn Cleaning

    Yesterday I switched my cloths from Spring/Summer cloths to Autumn/Winter. When packing tall the previous seasons cloths I notice there was a lot that I never wore. So I grabbed all the unused clothing and packed them in trash bags to donate to the local thrift store. When I was done there were four trash… Read more »

  • Enjoy the Silence Experiment– Log

    This will be updated periodically throughout the day. Day One 5:00am – No problem yet, Just gathering all my data for my morning report. Sounds of the bus driving past. Pretty quiet this morning. 5:30 am – It feels like there is something missing. Like when I stopped drinking coffee. It was part of my… Read more »

  • Enjoy the Silence

    My typical work day is very repetitive, yet accuracy is crucial to what I do. One mistake effect many groups in the company. To keep my mind busy I typically go to YouTube and play something in the background. Each YouTube clip last around four and a half minutes, so I am always spending time… Read more »

  • Closure of Summer

    Now that the weather has changed and the day is becoming less. Spending more time in the office and to create new content with fresh need ideas. I have truly enjoyed my travels this past summer. The weather in Washington State was as usual, amazing. I have taken a plethora of photos throughout my journey… Read more »

  • Photo Essay: Summerland – Panhandle Gap Hike

    One of the best hikes on Mount Rainier.

  • Photo Essay: My Trip to Sequim, Washington

      This is a short photo essay on my trip to Sequim Washington.  We camped at Fort Flagler over night then spent the next day at the Lavender Festival  All Seattle shots taken from the Bainbridge Ferry.      

  • Creating Memories

      I have to admit reducing costs by getting rid of unnecessary items and services is allowing me to work less and spend more time enjoying life. For the past month I have been camping, hiking, going to festivals and truly enjoying what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Right now I am hunting for… Read more »

  • Peregrination

    I have broken off Peregrination to it’s own site. This new site will be dedicated to my daily adventures. You will see my daily photos I post on instagram and quotes from twitter. Think of it as a hub for all my social media on one site. If you would like to check the new… Read more »

  • Goings On

    You may have noticed that my posts have slowed down. This is do because of the amazing weather we are having in Seattle at the moment. For the past few weekends I have been renovating a room, redoing the outside of my house, and clearing out the garage.  The more unwanted junk that gets removed… Read more »

  • Seattle Roof Top Parks & Bars

    Lately I have been trying to locate local roof top locations. A place where I can get away from the city’s busy streets for a bit. Yesterday I found a spot on the 17th floor of a building. Amazing views of the city and the only sound is the wind blowing by. Now I am… Read more »

  • Hazardous Work Environment

    On the walk to work today, I was marveling at my surroundings. Beautiful spacious skies, flowers in full bloom, green trees as far as the eyes can see with birds chirping from all directions. Just a beautiful day in Washington State. What an amazing place to live. Arriving at the office building where my office… Read more »

  • Three Tote Boxes Be Gone

    For the last 3 months I have had three tote boxes with various items that I did not want to give away because I thought I might need them stored in my attic. The boxes have not been touched since I stored them, so today I am going to donate them to a charitable thrift… Read more »

  • Efficiencies in my Daily Planning

    Working with three different software/services to basically replaced a planner and a notebook is a headache and consumes time switching between them. My daily task consist of basically four areas. Email Calendar To-do List Notebook Making it more complex, the software will need to work with Windows, Android and have web access (that is not… Read more »

  • Using the internet with Purpose

    The Internet is all around us. Through our phones, tablets and computers. You can always be connected through your daily life. We use it for education, work and entertainment. It’s a communications network like nothing before it. How much time do you spend on the internet? I spend about 13 hours a day. Nine of… Read more »

  • Traffic No More

    My patients for driving to work is not more. I am spending an extraordinary amount of time in traffic effectively doing nothing.  And with the increase of the price of fuel is making it cost effective to use public transportation. So starting tomorrow I will be taking mass transit. Sure it takes longer to travel… Read more »

  • Waking up Naturally

    Today start a new daily routine. I will be waking up at 5 am from here on in. Why on earth would I wake up this early? My normal body clock constantly adjusts with the sun rise. Living in the Northwest it constantly changes through out the year. Right now I wake up around 4:… Read more »

  • Mount Rainier Snow Shoe Trip – April 26th 2014

    Click on photo or here to go to the photos taken on this trip Another fantastic trip to Paradise on Mount Rainier. You will see me spending most of 2014 hikes here. The weather was more ideal then last trip. The temperature was the same (26°F / -3°C)  but the visibility was vastly improved with… Read more »

  • Morning Flowers – Photos

  • Morning Flowers