I am going to spend a few day writing up some reviews for hiking gear. During the winter break I purchased and tested some new stoves, a micro lantern and a metal water bottle. The tests were taken at temperatures around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Far below my typical hikes and camping trips. I want to… Read more »

Update to my progress

Just wanted to update the site on my progress of everything. Health wise my leg is healing well. Still get painful shocks when I walk for long periods or pick something up incorrectly.  But overall much better than before. Can’t wait to go get back on the trails and go hiking. On the podcast front… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Ending

Soon after my last post I slipped and injured my lower back. During recovery I put allot of pressure on my left leg to compensate for my weakened back and fatigued my calf and they muscle. Right now I am recovering and need to take it easy for a few weeks. Once I get back… Read more »

Daily Health Journal December 8th -13th, 2016

Journal Due to my back going out on Friday morning, I have been behind on my journal and exercise goals. On Monday I was feeling better and need to push my lower back so it can heal faster. I will be refraining from sit-ups till my back spasms go away.  Getting up out of the… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Journal Enjoyed today’s cold weather by staying inside and enjoying a smoothie while I was working. I have been taking 8 minute breaks every hour to get out of my chair and walked on my cheap plastic stair master. It does the job but probably will last another year before it breaks. Received it as… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Journal It is a brisk 36 degrees today here in Seattle. I have already meet my 10,000 step goal before I went to Costco to get supplies and some Christmas gift shopping. This is why my high step count for today is higher than usual. I am drinking plenty of water and enjoying morning green… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Monday, December 5th, 2016

Journal I declare that today to be a Snow Day. Work from home and enjoyed the snow fall with a few cups of hot coco. All I am going to do today is walk for 10 minutes every hour for 9 hours and drink plenty of water.  That is all I am going to do… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Sunday, December 4th, 2016

Journal My main goal for today was to work on the house to put up Christmas Decorations and clean out the house and garage. This prevented me to come up with an exercise plan. My lower back is getting much stronger since I have been walking for 60 minutes straight. My goal realistic goal for… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

Journal Spent most of today working around the house. I noticed I didn’t get very much steps in so I jumped on the step master and completed the rest of the steps indoors in 63 minutes. Felt good focusing an hour to nothing but walking. It cleared my mind and I felt relaxed. Going to… Read more »

Daily Health Journal – Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Journal I am thinking of taking a light day on Tuesdays and Fridays. These days are incredibly busy for me. My exercise goals are being held up  by a recovering lower back injury. Walking for long periods of time help me build back the injured muscles . I am going to try to do a… Read more »

  • A Seattle Noir

    A Night Time look at Seattle

  • Modern Day Work Habits–Multi tasking

    Since moving to Seattle the requirements on employees have changed. Employees are always asked asked if they multi task effectively in interviews. Of course I always said yes. But the truth is that multi tasking does not work for people. Even computers don’t really multi task, it performs each line of code at a time. … Read more »

  • What’s Been Happening Now

      A few things are happening which is keeping me from consistently updating my site . From planning up coming trips to cleaning my house with unwanted stuff. So I have put my online ambitions on hold for now and focus on my life offline. Don’t worry I will be back sometime in April with… Read more »

  • What’s Been Happening

    For the past week I have brain storming on a few creative ideas to publish a video short on Instagram. Utilizing mixed media (pictures, video, sound) to create the 15 second short video will be fun to put together. I am going to publish four video shorts in four weeks. So about once a week,… Read more »

  • It’s hard to say Good Bye

    As you have noticed, I have not written or posted anything for a few weeks. This is because a good friend of mine was in the hospital and has now passed away to a better place. To get my mind off of things caught the Sounder Train from Seattle to Tacoma and started to take… Read more »

  • Seattle Street Shots

    Pictures have been added to the Seattle Street Shots area. Click here or click on the top of the banner to check them out.

  • Working through the little things

    This week I am going to slow down for a bit and just remove things in my life that is not necessary as they come up. For instance today I went to the bathroom to shave. Before the ritual, I went through all my shaving supplies and equipment and disposed the items that I no… Read more »

  • It’s the little Things

    I own quite of a bit of small things. So many in fact, that going through them is taking more time then I originally expected. A part of me just wants to dump them all in the trash just to stop sorting. But my ecological side want to give them away or recycle them with… Read more »

  • Information Exchange Overhaul – Electronic Mail

    Email has to be the most intrusive thing in my life. Receiving so much email messages is absolutely atrocious. The devices that supposed to make life easier are merely shackling me to my inbox. Time get this in check. Almost all emails received are filler messages. Meaningless information that has no influence on anything I… Read more »

  • Enjoying the time Saved

    With every bin of stuff I remove from my life I manage to have more free time. Less useless stuff in the house equals less time on maintenance and cleaning which in turn gives me more time to do what I truly want to do. Now having a whole day available to me, I went… Read more »

  • Home Office Reduction–Office Space

    The Plan Today I will be finishing off my office. It pretty simple but a time consuming task. Clear off my desk.  There is so much stuff on my desk that there is no where for me to go sort. So I grabbed and empty bin and neatly piled the stuff in it. Anything that… Read more »

  • Break from the Office

    After being in the home office working (job/livelihood) and de-cluttering for the past few days, a break was needed. So I went to my office at work and worked from there. A crazy thing came over me. I have allot of stuff that I am storing for no reason at my desk in the office…. Read more »

  • Home Office Reduction – Update

    Day One & Two This is going faster then I originally thought. The first day went pretty slow as expected. Just allot of small things in the first bins (4 bins and a 40 gallon bag of clothing). After dropping them off at the Thrift Store, I went inside the store to see if there… Read more »

  • Home Office Reduction

    Today I am taking on an area that contains the largest concentration of clutter I have. My Home Office. It’s hard to believe but this is the smallest room in the house. With a vast 203 square feet of space it with another 203 square feet of storage space in a hidden area. This will… Read more »

  • Out the Window

    It’s time to start removing the clutter. I will begin with the easy stuff to remove from my life. Clothing! I have few boxes of clothing that I never have worn.  Why do I store new clothes and not use them you ask? All the new clothing were received as gifts throughout the year. I… Read more »

  • So it Begins

    Today I am starting this website to document my progression into minimalism. It will not be minimalism to its true form. Typically a Minimalist try to live with around 100 items. For me this will be impossible to achieve since my livelihood requires me to have quite a bit of tools. Excluding the tools I… Read more »